Academic Success

Academic programs provide young people with educational support and career development.
Some of these programs include:

  • Power Hour

    Our flagship academic success program includes daily homework help and tutoring for all Club members. Clubs offer a dedicated schoolwork space, educators, and resources for all grade levels. Inquire with your Club to find out when Power Hour is after school.

  • Club Tech

    Club members have access to high-quality technology, STEM learning activities, and 21st-century skills development. STEM lessons include introductions to coding, chemistry, physics, and more using computers, tablets, and robots.

  • Goals for Graduation

    Supports teens with academic mentorship, career planning, college admissions, and post-graduate decisions making.

  • FLiP (Financial Literacy Program)

    Introduces money management concepts like saving, investing, and entrepreneurship. Volunteers from premier partnerships support our program through financial assistance and lending their real-world experience to our lessons.




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